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A “Fair”ly Huge Thank You

The Kane County Fair is over but not the fun times.
Thanks to all the many people who made this year’s fair the best ever.
 A Special shout-out to the fair board members who put in lots of volunteer time all year. 
To John Reese for his time as chairman keeping the budget and meetings together.
To Jeanette Esplin for keeping great minutes.
To Commissioner Smith for stepping in and getting things accomplished. 
To Dustin Cox and the livestock show committee for the best Livestock Show in the state. 
To Christine Esplin, Elizabeth Davis, Kristy Brinkerhoff, the exhibit committee, and the people of our county who entered exhibits that made it great.
To Angie Reidhead and the 4-H office for their tireless work all year.
To Rhonda Flatberg and Michele and all who helped make a great country store.
To Sally Brinkerhoff for fun outside and organizing the food area.  Also to the people who came with the bounce house, bucking bull, and zipline.
To Wayne Cox, Bill Cox, and Tori Cox, in the small animals area. 
To Ken Naykamie and Lisa Reese for the Dutch Oven contest; Robert Lacey for a great Night Fun Run; Ed Myers for a great Golf Tournament; Tim Esplin’s long range rifle and 3 Gun Shoot; Richard Esplin for a great Log sawing contest.
To Duke and Shiree Cox and Allen Alldredge and others for the dance and Fireworks. 
To The Ladies at State Bank who help with getting premiums to the right people.
To Classic for a great Ping Pong Drop.
To Jim Glover for announcing the Parade and Fair.
To the Baker Bunch, Symphony of the Canyons, and all other entertainers.
To Linda Rhodes and Kanab Senior Citizens for the Make and Take Sewing Area.
To Chris Maxwell and committee for the best parade-in-the rain ever.
To Jacey Heaton and the Kane County Scholarship Pageant committee.
To the County Royalty for all their work and great help.
To the Office of Tourism for all their help. 
To the Volunteer center and all helpers at the talent show and Leon Christensen for his help at the continuous entertainment area. 
To Ann Hepworth and Duke Cox and committee for the horse show.
To Colleen Brinkerhoff at the Baby contest and Cindy Sharkey at the Pet Show.
To Gerald Spencer for all his support and for being Grand Marshall.
To The Long Valley Lions Club for the best Jr. RODEO in the State.
Thanks to the long list of people who stepped up to help, like Kid zone workers and Judges; Beth Shofe for the quiet reading area; Julie Ingersoll and Megan Fox at the Graham Cracker contest; Waterman Welding for being very kind and a host of others not mentioned.
AND THE BIGGEST THANKS of ALL to you!  Yes, you wonderful people of Kane County who make this fair great and the county great also. See you at the Fair 2017!


Thank you to South Central for hosting this site.Thank You to the Sun News  , to  midutahradio.com/kmti , to Cherry Creek Radio, for all of their support talking up the Fair